Pink Moon, 2018

How long has it been since Mitch has had a decent camera? The last one he owned, he donated to my uncle when his house burned down and destroyed most of his things. Between life changes – too busy, spread too thin – and the advances in smart phone photography, he didn’t really seem to miss a camera for many years. 

The key there is “seem to”, I think. In reality, he was probably watching prices, researching styles and biding his time until the right camera for the right price crossed his radar. Happily for all of us, that happened last week. This photo, this amazing photo of the recent full moon, is one of his early practice shots, the first baby steps back to the skilled photographer he is.

It seems fitting to rediscover this latent hobby and skill set now, on the cusp of our baby boy’s college graduation this weekend. Major changes are afoot, for all of us, and what better way to take them on than this? Moving forward boldly, returning to our former selves with all the benefit of the selves we’ve become.

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