the next phase….

If it’s true that life occurs in cycles, we have entered a new one. Our past few years have been a time of great upheaval and we’ve found ourselves buffeted from change to change, often just having enough energy to react to whatever was going on. A short list, from just the past year:

  • Our youngest graduated from college, creating a truly empty nest
  • Marie sold her business, freeing up time for more adventure but….
  • ….leaving much more time on her hands.
  • Marie’s mother died, quickly, if not completely surprisingly, forcing us both into a new reality. 

Not surprisingly, all of these changes have forced a reexamination of a lot of things and encouraged a refocusing of energies. Add in the fact that we will both be in our 50s from this year (though just barely, for Mitch), and we’ve realized that we’re tired of fooling around with things, people and places we just aren’t into. As much as possible and with the growing realization that time is passing, we want each day to count!

With that in mind and with the freedom and flexibility we are lucky enough to currently have, we have committed to becoming more thoroughly “bi-peninsular”. As much as possible, we will be spending a good deal of each year in the Upper Peninsula from now on. We love the area and can dimly see ourselves settling in as Yoopers in the not-too-distant future.

In order to make this work until we’re ready for the big move, however, we’ll need to be creative so we’ve turned our house in Marquette into a short-term rental property. Beyond affording us the ability to keep two homes, it also allows us to dabble in real estate in a different way, in order to see if we like it enough to take on more.

Hence, our Airbnb page on this site and our listing found there. A new venture and new adventures for this next phase of life.

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